Get your personal training from a top level Master who is an expert in a full spectrum of non firearm weapons, and hand to hand combat along with a full knowledge of Fitness, or one of the Assistant Instructors. Classes with Zoravor at the school, Semi-private training, or private one on one, either at the school, your home, or office.



1. To be capable of stopping an assault from an assailant with or without any weapons.

2. To be losing weight, gaining strength, developing more flexibility, with a greater endurance in both cardio, and physical impact.

3. To receive ancient secrets of Filipino Masters training, fighting, and healing methods along with how to apply. 4. To be able to receive special events held by Zoravor Master for free! The “W.F.M.A.O.” is an organization founded by Master Zoravor Sarkissian and his colleagues to expand the Filipino Martial Culture with the intent to preserve the original arts, and to promote the ancient and modern Filipino martial combat systems, along with formulating a no nonsense type of application for self defense.




I have done Kali in the USA and thought if it was a great martial arts for self defense, but when I started training at the Panama Arnis Academy with GM Zoravor I was a bit confused about all the other Filipino Arts he was teaching, I couldn't relate. However after three months of training I was picking up all the different ways I could fight off or even really hurt an attacker badly!! --Andrew Cunningham.

 I'm known to be a fitness freak! When I started to train at Panama Arnis I thought, man this is only good for self defense, I'll never break a sweat doin' this. But Guro Sarkissian told me; Look it's going to take a while before your ganna be able to move in a free flow of movements, once you develop that you will definitely be sweating! Sure enough after two months I was starting to get faster and faster in the training, after six months I was really getting down with the movements . And his experties in other fitness training methods are something I have never seen. I was getting a great work out! --James Thomas






Three years ago I met my Master, Sifu/Guro Sarkissian. I was Bruce Lee fanatic! I wanted training in Jeet-Kune-Do from him. He was training Jeet-Kune-Do classes. I started training and had hard time understanding him, I spoke little English and he spoke little Spanish, now from training and hearing him speak to me and give commands, and lecture me. I speak English OK and got my job working in Copa Airlines because of I can speak English now, thanks to Master Sarkissian. I have trained in both Jeet-Kune-Do and Filipino Martial Arts from Master Sarkissian, I never see anything like it! also learned to eat right food, train hard, exercise right and really learn to defend myself. I learn that martial art is a way of life and how to always be improve myself. --Luis Pretto

OK everybody knows Bruce Lee from the movies right? I trained in jeet kune do in Canada for 2 years, thought I new what it was all about right. Then I started training in filipino martial arts with the Master. I couldn't make the connection at first, after some lenghty explainations over time, I understood how the fma system he structured, is like the jkd training method. --Cliff Vandenburg

Don't like to brag, but from what I learned from the training at the Arnis Academy, I ended up beating the hell out of this taxi driver who tried to rob me before I laid some FMA on his ass! He actually ran away from his taxi cab with the keys in the egnition, and both doors wide open! OOOH YEAH THAT FELT GREAT!!! --Confidencial

The martial arts was great and gave me a lot of confidence, but what impressed me the most was Master Zoravors experties in his hilot massage theropy. I admit that I haven't experienced many massages but from all the massages I have received, this was the one I won't forget! --Lulu Kose

Not only a refined practitioner of martial arts, but also a very kind, understanding, and thought provoking person. Working out with Sifu Sarkissian over the past couple years has helped me in many ways develop new and hone down old skills into applicable real-life knowledge. I am very thankful for his guidance and mentoring.

Strength and honor!----- Scott Crystal



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